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My thesis is keeping me away from blogging – and even reading blogs – and will most likely continue to do so until January (after which my new job will most likely keep me from blogging…), but this just has to be posted: Clever guys from Medallia figured out the access to the iPhone’s accelerometer […]

Vienna 360


Stumbled across this only recently: 360 cities mashes up Google Maps with 360 degrees panoramic images from various cities (including Vienna), using Quicktime VR. Hmmm… I’m ALMOST tempted to say ‘I could’ve done that myself!’, but ok – I do have to admit their version looks slightly better than the hack I did some weeks […]

What? I know this photo is dorkish! Hey, it’s not even mine. Paul shelled out those 600 Euros and got himself this baby from eBay. And until someone cracks the SIMlock, it can’t even do voice calls over here in ol’ Europe! You have to love it 😀