DIY Street View


PanoramaWhen I recently scouted for suitable test locations for our compass/tilt-enabled mobile app prototype, I thought it would be nice to have some sort of Google Street View-like panoramas of our potential test areas – so I could better discuss them with colleagues and roughly estimate some basic geometry paramters for each location (like e.g. development density, building dimensions, relative distances and such).

Doing a quick-and-dirty mashup for this turned out to be easier than expected: I snapped a few images with my digital camera, stitched them together with a demo version of a software called PTGUI and uploaded them to CleVR, a free service that has a great embeddable Flash panorama viewer. (CleVR can also stitch images, though I haven’t tried that yet.)

And the best part: since I had already mapped out the locations on a Google Map, I could just drop the CleVR player into the pop-up info windows of the markers, creating an almost street-view-ish experience!

The panoramas were originally meant for internal use only, so I didn’t spend much time on aesthetics and quality (e.g. there’s lots of cars cut in half, and people appearing on the images one and a half times). But still, I thought the results looked really cool (especially considering the low effort that went into them), so I thought I’d put up a copy of the mashup here for everyone to see.

7 Responses to “DIY Street View”

  1. 1 Matt

    Great idea. Your Google Maps API key is broken, so I can’t actually see it, but it seems to be a great use of the CleVR tools. We’ve actually been doing something similar on some of our own projects, though in a more specialised way. It’s a feature that we’ve been thinking of added to the site itself too.

  2. Ah damn… thats exactly what you get when you’re just copy-and-pasting things from one domain to the next 😉 I changed the key, it should work now. Thanks for letting me know!!

    And, BTW, thanks for CleVR! It’s awesome. I’ll definitely try out the stitching feature on my next panoramas. And, yes, geo-tagging would be a very neat addition to the service!


  3. 3 Memo

    That was pretty awesome!! The panoramics were absolutely beautiful!!

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  1. 1 cle photography

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