You Have 1 New Message from FONFinder


FONFinder SMS replyIf you’re a developer who gets to play around with mobile gadgets and high-end smartphones a lot (or, well, frequently enough at least – like myself) it’s easy to get excited over the stuff you can do with those things nowadays: realtime 3D graphics, integrated GPS, animated SVG user interfaces, Flash, you name it.

Despite all the glitzy, iPhone-y (hm…) stuff around, though, it seems that it’s really still the most basic UI technologies that people appreciate the most: those that are cheap; those which really (really!) work across device platforms and models; and those that the average person out there actually knows how to use – like text messaging!

That said: I’ve finally finished the first version of the twitter interface I announced for the FONFinder more than a month ago! If you’re feeling lucky, you’re welcome to try it out right now: just sign in with your twitter account and add the FONFinder twitterbot (username ‘fonf’) to your friends. (It might take a few seconds until the bot has added you as a friend as well – that’s necessary so it can reply to your tweets.) To find a FONSpot nearby just send the bot a direct message containing street, city, and the two-character country code – e.g.

d fonf jay st, new york, us

and the bot will tweet back the address of the FONSpot closest to that address. There’ll be some “scheduled downtime” 😉 over the next weeks, as I’ll be improving the robustness, and increase the range of supported countries (by now, only the countries found at the Web-based FONFinder version are supported). Have fun!

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