CEO on Local Web Applications


Couldn’t agree more with this post by C. Enrique Ortiz ‘The Future of Web Applications is Local‘ (no, not in the location-based/local-search kind-of sense – though I personally believe that the future of mobile Web apps is local in that sense as well 😀 – but in the running-locally/offline kind-of sense recently made possible on the PC thanks to toolkits like the Dojo Offline Toolkit and Google Gears) and his view that local/offline is particularly relevant for the mobile Web.

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  1. 1 tamgo

    I completely agree with you. This does lead to the future. We are currently seeing the development of “appliance computing”. A series of specialized, often mobile, devices which do one particular task, but do it well. This is a big contrast to the personal computer which is built to be a generic machine that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it, with the appropriate software of course.

    The mobile solutions in this sector have especially picked up. But having something that can move around, means not necessarily always having an available connection to the interweb, despite the advances in wireless network technology. Yet in order to use our web applications and services fully, we need to have them available to us all the time, not just when we are near a network cable or access point.

    What I find interesting in this is the shift in paradigm to 5 – 10 years ago. I remember when everyone started talking about the web application revolution. How they were superior to desktop application because of their lightweight client counterparts, easy access to central repositories of data and standardized protocols of communication. I was opposed, but no one ever listens to me anyway. Now we are going back to having stuff on you machine. Weather we are viewing it from inside a browser with a super google plugin, or from a desktop application makes no difference.

    I really hope this takes off, as it will lead to many advances in the way we consume our services.

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