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…since everything you need to know about it has been said already by fake Steve himself 😀

DIY Street View


When I recently scouted for suitable test locations for our compass/tilt-enabled mobile app prototype, I thought it would be nice to have some sort of Google Street View-like panoramas of our potential test areas – so I could better discuss them with colleagues and roughly estimate some basic geometry paramters for each location (like e.g. […]

Great article on the convergence between second-life-like metaverses and their ‘real-world’ virtual globe counterparts! My favourite quote being: And many computer professionals think the idea of a "Second Earth" mashup is so cool that it’s inevitable, whether or or not it will offer any immediate way to make money. Hey – that pretty much sums […]

1ft Startup has released the second part of their article on J2ME Porting: Entertaining a crowd, part 2. Testing’s the topic this time. Recommended!



I meant to post about this for ages, but somehow I could’t really find the time for doing it. At work, AJAX may not be my top priority at the moment, but I keep monitoring it as closely as I can. (Speaking of mobile AJAX: Yes, I’m one of those people who do believe that […]

Great article on the W3C‘s Mobile Web Initiative Team Blog ‘MWI: Leading Mobile Web Access to Its Full Potential‘. W3C Deputy Director Philipp Hoschka compiles major facts and figures on the current state of the mobile Web. Some snippets: About 1.7 billion mobile phones (out of the approx. total of 2.7 billion) have browsing capability […]

Another great mini-game for Google Earth! Developed by Google Earth Hacks: Google Earth Football. The game is played inside a virtual KML stadium and it makes cool use of network links and a radioFolder menu to control the game moves. (There’s also a quick run-down of how the the game works internally for the nosy […]