Computer Role Playing Game History


For yet undisclosed reasons, I have recently done some research into the history of computer role playing games. Ok, to be honest ‘undisclosed’ is probably the wrong word here. ‘Unknown to myself’. Yep, that’s better. But something tells me I’ll need this newly-acquired knowledge for something real serious, real mobile, real location-based, real soon šŸ˜€ (Or, to say it with the words of Steve-o himself: You can only connect the dots looking back!)

Anyways, I’m abusing this blog again to store some personal links I don’t want to lose. May those amongst you as nerdy as me benefit from it and learn about the history of this vastly important topic, too!

An excellent 3-part article on the history of (non-multiplayer) computer role playing games:

A huge (8-part) article on the history of massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) starts here: Alternate Reality – The history of massively multiplayer online games. Written in 2003, but visionary enough to touch on topics like mixed mobile/desktop scenarios and the – now very real – debate on whether virtual income should be subject to taxes.

Article that doesn’t start off very interesting, but contains some fun anecdotes later on. Already from 1990! The Lessons of Lucasfilm’s Habitat.

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