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For yet undisclosed reasons, I have recently done some research into the history of computer role playing games. Ok, to be honest ‘undisclosed’ is probably the wrong word here. ‘Unknown to myself’. Yep, that’s better. But something tells me I’ll need this newly-acquired knowledge for something real serious, real mobile, real location-based, real soon 😀 […]

I’ve been playing around with the idea of attaching a location-based information app to twitter. As some might have read, I’m also a fan of the (ok, somewhat nerdy) idea of using command-line-style interaction on mobile phones to trigger arbitrary remote services. (Just take a look at yubnub and you’ll see that this idea could […]



Just stumbled across this project: Mobzombies – a terrifyingly mobile game. The project uses accelerometer and compass hardware to control an arcade-style game on a Sony UMPC. It will be featured on Where Fair of this year’s Where 2.0 conference. Another fun – geekish, but fun – example of blurring the boundary between virtual and […]

Already some days old but still worth reading: The Google Phone: Fact, Fiction and a Huge Link List. DailyWireless connects the dots on Google Phone rumours.

Today is my last day at the WWW2007 conference. I’ll definitely need a few days to go over my numerous notes and digest all the impressions from this excellent event in beautiful Banff, Canada. My talk yesterday, in which I presented some of our stuff from the Point to Discover project, was received well by […]



And one more short news post. Right now I’m as excited as the rest of the world about Microsoft’s recent announcement: Has MS indeed “rebooted the Web” (according to Robert Scoble) with their Silverlight platform that packs (lightning-fast, apparently) .NET functionality into a 4MB cross-browser-compatible plugin? Did they just end the Flash/Flex vs. Ajax debate […]