FONFinder Issue Tracking


I thought I’d open up this post to collect issues, bugs and feature requests for the FONFinder. I’ll update it over time. Drop me a comment if there’s something on your mind about FONFinder.

  • There are currently issues with special characters. Especially the Umlauts are a problem as they are quite common in German/Austrian street names…

  • Some people have reported not finding a fonspot at a location where they know one exists (like their own home 😉 ). I checked this, and there are indeed fonspots that are shown on the Google Map at, but are missing in the .CSV files you can download from the site. (I’ve already sent an inquiry to FON support, let’s see how this turns out.) UPDATE: I’ve received word from FON support that they are working on resolving this issue.

  • Due to some yet unkown reason, there are no geo-coding results for the UK. I’ll try to fix this.

  • I’m noticing that people are (not surprisingly) mostly trying from the desktop. To all of you: sorry for the ugly design 🙂 It looks much more decent on a phone. I’ll work on an alternative version of the page that is sent when a desktop PC is detected. (This will also include richer information about what FONFinder is about and should make it a lot more search-engine friendly as well.)

  • Since new mobile phone models are popping up every day, not all are known to the WURFL – the device repository I’m using to look up the screen size to size the map accordingly. I’ve limited the maximum map size to 320×240 pixels now. This will, however, lead to horizontal scrolling on the newest, yet unlisted devices (like the Nokia N95 for example). If you drop me a line saying what model you’re using and whether FONFinder looks all right or not, I’d greatly appreciate that. Thanks!

One Response to “FONFinder Issue Tracking”

  1. 1 Pilou2nice


    You’re website is no longer available. Is there a new adress or a way to use FonFinder anywhere today ?

    Thanx for your reply


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