13 Responses to “Twitter as a Platform for Location Based Services”

  1. Have you tried Jaiku.com? The service enables posting as well as conversation and life streaming. At Jaiku each post starts a conversation. Folks can comment on your posts and vice versa. You can also include all your personal webfeeds in your Jaiku online presence. So in some ways, it becomes one point of online presence for you. There’s an API as well so you can mashup stuff to you heart’s content. And if you’re using a Nokia S60 compatible handheld device, there’s powerful location sharing. work with Jaiku in the U.S. It might be worth a look. -cheers, Neil

  2. 2 Ivan

    There is already WHERE GPS Twitter Widget from where.com that posts GPS location of the phone with the tweet. Hundreds of GPS Tweets have been posted since it was released couple of weeks ago. WHERE is the first mobile GPS widget platform…

  3. Hi Ivan… In fact I covered WHERE some time ago in this post. Thanks for the gentle reminder, though 😉 Who knows – maybe there’ll even be a WHERE FONFinder widget some day? 😀

  4. 4 thilo

    A first version of my J2ME twitter application is now available: http://www.das-zentralorgan.de/2007/05/07/twibble-a-gps-enabled-twitter-client-for-the-nokia-n95/
    Not the first but among the first GPS enabled twitter clients. At least in Germany 😉

  5. Thilo: That’s excellent! I’ll try it on the N95 I got available. My personal phone doesn’t support the LocAPI, unfortunately 😦 (Any plans on doing a non-LocAPI version? You could check out the NMEA parser lib at http://www.universal-locator.com).

  6. 6 thilo

    Thanks Rainer! Some time ago I played with external GPS receivers and J2ME. It is possible but would take some time to support external receivers in twibble as well.
    As for now the current twibble version supports maps and ‘favourite locations’ These features should work without GPS. Screenshots are here: http://www.das-zentralorgan.de/twibble/twibble-screenshots/

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