FONFinder – it’s (almost) official!


FONFinder animWithout much further ado – I’m releasing my newest geek-project into the wild: a first version of the FONFinder can now be seen and tried at

UPDATE: I’ve started to collect and track issues, bugs and feature requests here. Drop me a comment if there’s something you want to let me know!

For those who haven’t read my previous announcement: The FONFinder is a small map mashup developed specifically for mobile phones. It will show you a map with the nearest FON hotspots, based on a street address you enter in a form. So, if you’re a FON-user roaming the streets with a notebook, PDA, or a WiFi enabled mobile phone (like the Nokia N80 or N95) this neat little service will guide you back from expensive 3G coverage to free FON-broadband in no time!

The service is entirely browser-based, there’s no need to install anything to the phone. A plain, no-frills XHTML browser (as is the norm for any reasonably up-to-date mobile phone on the market) will do. The screenshots, BTW, are taken from the conformance test report, which the FONFinder is currently passing with a reasonable 4.58 points out of 5. (I’m working on it 😉 )

Be warned, though: The service is currently very pre-alpha. That’s the reason I’m not really publicizing it yet (and also the reason for the ‘almost’ in the title of this post): There may still be bugs, the visual design is not yet finished completely and I’ve only included a small number of countries up to now. Also, the service might perform somewhat slow at times. All this will change as I go along over the next weeks. And it should definitely not keep you from trying FONFinder!

I’m interested in your feedback! Drop me a comment here or contact me at!

2 Responses to “FONFinder – it’s (almost) official!”

  1. looks good!


  1. 1 Twitter and LBS at Mobiles2Go and GPS and Location Based Service

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