The Shroud: LBS Role Playing


shroud_screen7.jpgThe Shroud is a multiplayer role playing game for mobile phones currently nearing completion. The game will come with a special ‘GPS challenge’ game mode that incorporates users’ real-world location into the gameplay: ‘Challenges’ placed at random GPS locations nearby must be found and completed by physically moving there. YourWorld games, creator of the game, is already planning ‘a handful of other titles’ with a GPS-enabled component. The original press article can be found here and there’s also a blog post on GeoCarta.

Including GPS-functionality as a side-feature in a game (and not making it its main feature) is probably a smart move right now, considering that there’s just no critical mass of users with GPS phones out there yet (though I guess the situation is better in the US than it is over here in Europe).

Also, I wonder if the GPS game mode is multiplayer as well – which would obviously raise some privacy issues. I couldn’t find any definite information on that, though.

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