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Supreme J2ME has some neat optimization and coding hints for mobile Java developement. Highly recommended. (I’m switching from Eclipse to Netbeans NOW!) Also check out Miha Preda’s (somewhat controversial 😉 ) post on the 10 principles of Assembly Java.

Stumbled across this new social mapping app via digg: Tupalo is a social mapping application “for the indie culture” (I wonder if that includes me 😉 ). Users pin their favourite places on a Google Map; profile pages, tagging, reviews and voting included. The service currently covers several cities in Europe and the US, including […]

Talking about Widgets as the next big thing on the mobile platform: As has just been announced by Mobease CTO Thomas Landspurg over at TomSoft, Mobease has been acquired by AJAX start page Webwag. Damn, their widget product mobidgets isn’t even out of private alpha yet! Wow. That’s fast 🙂 Congratulations.

Two days ago, mobile location services publisher uLocate launched WHERE, a GPS-enabled mobile widget platform. For now the product is apparently only available to Sprint customers. Maybe I’m too much of a geek to have a representative opinion on this – but I generally believe that widgets will be one of the next big things […]

I haven’t been at SXSW 2007 personally – but just the PDF slides alone might be the most comprehensive overview on mobile Web development I’ve come across so far: Everything you always wanted to know about the mobile web but were afraid to ask by Brian Fling – a man who, according to Daniel Appelquist, […]

Just a quick note on my own account: We’ve totally updated our Website for the Point to Discover project, another one of the projects I’m currently working on. Deals with location, mobile 2.0, GPS and sensors in mobile phones. Hey – why not check it out? 😉

As I found out today, inCode announced mobile social networking the number one prediction for the global wireless market this year: Social Networking Gets Mobilized. Mobility is added to existing Internet business models, services and behaviors, driving traffic for wireless operators. Teens and twenties accustomed to constant connectivity and habit-forming Web sites, such as MySpace […]