GPS Phones and Other Handheld Geo-Gadgets


Yet another one of my growing bullet lists – updated over time to provide you with the most up-to-date information 😀 My personal overview of GPS-enabled mobile phones on the market:

  • HTC Advantage. Almost a UMPC with Win Mobile 5, a 624MHz processor and QWERTY keyboard. UMTS/HSDPA, WiFi and GPS built-in. Also known as the T-Mobile Ameo to T-Mobile customers.

  • HTC P3300. Windows Mobile 5; comes with GPS, GSM/GPRS and WLAN. Also known as the MDA Compact III to T-Mobile customers or XDA Orbit to O2 customers.

  • Nokia N95. Series 60 3rd Edition phone with GPS and WLAN.

  • Nokia 6110 GPS Navigator. Presented at 3GSM this year. Has GPS and AGPS, a recommended retail price of 450 Euros (unlocked) and will come with maps and point of interest data pre-installed.

  • Blackberry 8800. New and admittedly sexy. Has GPS and I definitely want one (come on – this thing has a glowing trackball!)

  • SonyEricsson W21S. That’s what I call a Keitai! It’s huge, has GPS and a digital compass. Only for the Japanese market, though and there’s not much information to be found on the Web, unfortunately.

As said: This list should grow and flourish over time! Comments and contributions encouraged!

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