AJAX/JavaScript Framework Roundup


When I recently searched for different combinations and permutations of the words ‘ajax’, ‘framework’, ‘library’, ‘comparison’, ‘matrix’, etc. Google didn’t really return anything that made me particularly happy. For that reason (and because I need a place to store my personal notes): here comes my own incomplete list of AJAX frameworks!

This post is going to be a ‘living’ post. I.e. I’ll just start off with some information I already have and will update it over time. Eventually, this list hopefully turns into a halfway decent overview. Any comments and contributions are more than welcome!

  • Prototype. Prototype is a JavaScript Framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications.
  • script.aculo.us Cross-browser JavaScript UI library.

  • dojo. JavaScript library. Widgets and effects.

  • Google Web Toolkit. Develop AJAX applications in Java using a Java-to-JavaScript compiler.

  • ZK. Open source Ajax framework. Has its own UI markup language (‘ZUML’). They have a Java ME client on the roadmap that will allow ZK apps to run on mobile phones.

  • qooxdoo. Open source AJAX framework.

  • Yahoo! UI Library (YUI).from the Website: “a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX.” All components open source and free for all uses.

  • jQuery. JavaScript library.

  • Interface elements for jQuery. Interface elements is to jQuery, as script.aculo.us is to prototype. Use it for free for both non-commercial and commercial project as long as you keep the copyright notice intact.

  • MochiKit. ‘makes JavaScript suck less’. Ain’t that an irresistible tagline? JavaScript library.

  • vegUI. JavaScript/AJAX framework and widget collection, originally developed for the online, browser-based MMORPG Lands of Kazram.

  • ADLib – Another DHTML Library. XHR, events, behavior, effects and more.

  • mootools. An ‘ultra compact’ JavaScript framework.

  • mojax. Mobile AJAX framework that uses its own XML language and JavaScript dialect. Not sure how it works yet, but apparently mojax apps (‘Moblets’) are translated to Java MIDlets; which means they need to be downloaded and installed to the phone separately (which IMO totally beats the idea of AJAX – or what am I not getting here?)

  • Bluepulse. Not exactly an AJAX framework, but a 65kByte mobile Java client that acts as a widget framework. Nice.

BTW, a nice source for samples and downloadable scripts that get you started quickly with DHTML effects and AJAX is miniajax. Recommended!

UPDATE: Finally, I found that ONE framework roundup I’ve been looking for! Ajaxpatterns probably has the most comprehensive JavaScript/AJAX framework overview out there; it’s currently listing 210 frameworks!

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