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Another game built with Google Earth: GEWar is a multiplayer strategy game of gathering resources, building armies and (what else) global warfare. Registration is free and there’s quite a few players online already. As I said in an earlier post, I find the idea of Google Earth minigames absolutely compelling – especially if its multiplayer […]

Thanks to the excellent feed2mobile service from the guys at Kaywa my blog is all mobile-friendly now! feed2mobile takes any RSS feed and transforms it into a mobile Web page – and you get a nice QRCode thrown in for free as well. Just point your mobile phone’s browser to (or snap a picture […]

Sorry, I don’t do predictions. Normally I wouldn’t even mention the topic. But hey, this is the age of the Internet! We can just leave the predicting to people smarter than us – and comment on them 🙂 Here’s two sets of predictions for 2007 that are definitely worth a read, from people whose blogs […]

This may be old new to some, but I only discovered this recently: Map24 is providing several APIs to their mapping and routing services on their mapsolute developer network. Apart from the obligatory AJAX API, there are also APIs available for Java, C++, ActiveX and mobile (Windows as well as Symbian as it seems.) The […]

One should always remember to search the Web before blogging about a topic 😉 As it turns out, Google has in fact already released the Google Earth COM API. The API allows 3rd party applications to remote control GE’s camera view, open KML files, take screenshots, convert (tada!) screen coordinates to geographical coordinates and so […]

Gamasutra has this interesting article on building a simple interactive game in Google Earth. The authors of the article make creative use of the few interactive features that Google’s KML markup language provides to create a basic, yet functional client/server application. Probably the most interesting information in the article is the authors’ concise summary of […]