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As it turns out, the the Wii’s wireless controller communicates with the Wii using the Bluetooth HID profile! Clever hackers have already written drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux. Lots of detail information about the topic can be found here. Too bad that J2ME phones normally don’t support the HID profile (at least not to […]

Not quite GIS, but definitely geospatial information for your living room! Had a chance yesterday to play around with Nintendo’s Wii console. Since I still have to wait until next week to get Internet access in my new flat I could not yet try the Wii’s Google-Earth-like Weather Channel live, but at least I found […]


Along the lines of the Google Map Creator comes this little service: automatically creates a Google Map based on an arbitrary image you upload. The whole process is a no-brainer, you upload the image (from 500×500 to 6000×6000 pixels) and a zoomable/pannable Google-Maps-Version of it will be created instantly. The service is hosted, which […]

I was sort of puzzled about how those Bluetooth/IrDA T-Mobile advertisment posters work that we are currently seeing here in Vienna… Basically, you walk up to the poster, hold your mobile in front of a blinking sensor and, after confirming a small pop-up dialog, you receive an SMS with a download link towards ‘free’ content. […]



And another neat idea around the Google Maps API: VGMap is a vector graphics library for Google Maps. VGMap creates a Flash movie version of Google Maps based on the original tile images. Check out this demo to see what you can do with it. Very cool stuff. Hm… I might actually consider using this […]

Might be an even more exciting tool than Microsoft’s VE MapCruncher: the Google Map Creator from the UCL Centre for Advancded Spatial Analysis. Looks as if the tool automatically creates a new Google Maps tileset, based on the Google Maps imagery and input from a shapefile.

Some more additions to my collection of links to geospatial (or sort of) stuff on the Web: YourGMap – Neat service that lets you create Google Maps per point-and-click. Shotcodes – Still have to test that, but it might be a better-looking (and more robust?) alternative to QRCodes/Datamatrix/Semacode and the likes MSR MapCruncher – register […]